In Memoriam

In Memoriam

This is for friends who have passed our way. Who are out of our vision, but in memory to stay. We all know that someday, in time, in space, we all hope to find a friendly face. When it is our turn and we must begin, we know you will lead us where you have been.


Nancy S. Higgins-Anderson

Susan Blecker Lazenby

Roger D. Bell

Darwin K. Belk

James Beyer

Francis Burkholder

Bob Camp

Dave L. Carlson

Ken C. Covault

Patti M. Cramer

Lowell L. Crawford

Gary Dau

John Doellinger

David J. Dunkle

Jane A. Wiese-Eckhardt

Linda K. Vlack-Ehlers

Susan K. Evenson

Richard E. Felske

Sharon A. Freund

Tom Galanius

Wendy L. Gannett

John A. Gierhart

Susan E. Swim-Giraldi

Ron Golden

Carolyn Gruhl-Heath

James C. Hester

Remae Jackson

Mary L. James

Dan Jensen

David Jewett

Bob Jungjohann

David A. Katz

Nile E. Kinsler

Patricia J. Kloster

Richard E. Leptien

Peter Linville

Rollie K. Miller

Steve Mills

Jeff D. Mitchell

Kit M. Halaska-Mosian

Jon R. Obukowicz

Marcia O’ Connell

Lyle R. Pena

David R. Plath

Charlene C. Davis–Rose

Harold D. Sade

Carol S. Latham-Schmidt

Roger D. Schult

Van H. Schwartz

James Spears

Gary Simatovich

John J. Sing

Linda L. Kraft-Steel

Rita Talbot Finstein

Sue M. Cronk-Thoni

Lynn D. Brooke-Townsend

Mike J. Utter

John D. Wendt

Jane Cobern-White

Wally W. Will

Clinton Willey